Mask files - use Hide Folder to mask files.


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Mask files - use Hide Folder to mask files. Free download
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Mask files - use Hide Folder to mask files.

Setting protection to files by mask is a valuable feature of Hide Folder software. In order to hide files by mask you just need to download and install Hide Folder on your computer. Files security as well as security of the whole information stored on your computer are the main targets of the Hide Folder software.

Hide Folder has gained popularity both at home and office users, not least because of the feature allowing to select files and set protection by mask.

Most people use this program at home to protect with password their data of confidential nature - financial, for example, settting this protection by mask. This software providing password protection is also used to hide by mask the folders and files with personal information you store at your computer at work. You can now hide and protect by mask the important documents you are working on.

Only Hide Folder can easily hide your files by mask. You can try this protection by mask for free since this software is distributed on shareware basis.