Hard Disk - protect important information on hard disk for free!


Need hard disk protection? Try Hide Folder


Hard Disk - protect important information on hard disk for free! Free download
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Hard disk on your computer contains important information that needs to be protected. Try Hide Folder to guarantee the security of the information stored on your hard disk.

Hide Folder is a secure and user-friendly program protecting important files on hard and floppy disk. This software prevents the data stored on hard disk and portable data storage from unauthorized access.

Using the enduring cryptographic algorithms you will increase the level of protection of the data stored on hard disk. The information on your hard disk can be encrypted with one of 9 cryptological algorithms. Hide Folder software with encryption function allows you to email your secret information from hard disk and be sure in your information security.

Hide Folder has a variety of functions and option to guarantee the secrecy of your information stored on hard disk.

Hard disk with the secret information will be easily but in confidence and trust protected by Hide Folder. Hide Folder software is so secure that even if it crashes or if someone kills the program maliciously, it will still keep protecting your hard disk.

Now you can try Hide Folder and its features 15 days for free.