Disk protection - protect floppy and hard disk with Hide Folder!


Need disk protection? Try Hide Folder 3.0


Disk protection - protect floppy and hard disk with Hide Folder! Free download
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The disk keeping your secret information must be crefully protected from unauthorized access. Hide Folder is a secure and user-friendly program allowing to protect important files on the floppy disk and hard disk.

Hide Folder allows to encrypt the data stored on the disk with one of 9 cryptological algorithms. Now your disk will stay protected even if the information carrier was stolen. Using Hide Folder with encryption function allows you to email your secret information stored on the disk and never fear that someone can access your confidential information.

Hide Folder has a variety of functions and option to guarantee the secrecy of your information on the hard disk. Hide Folder is a must-have tool for anyone seeking to secure their hard disk and floppy disk with ease but in confidence and trust.

Hide Folder software is so secure that even if it crashes or if someone kills the program maliciously, it will still keep protecting your disk.

The program is small and easy to use. It is ideal for schools, offices and homes – any place where computers are used by more than one person each.

Try Hide Folder and protect your disk for free during 15 days